Our Company Profile

We try to provide our customers with the fly net systems which have become an important need in recent years by using the best quality material, combining it with flawless sizing and perfects craftsmanship, and try to present the product with the best service conditions. Our mission is to design and manufacture the products as a part of our job, in a way that eases your life, makes the places you live more healthy and comfy.

SDS is one is one of the leading industrial companies in Turkey since 1997.

We produce high quality of Plisse Insect Screen Systems and Plisse Blind Systems. The company owns hundreds of sellers and sales offices all over the country and contributes a huge benefit to the door and windows sector's as an important exporter that exports it's products to many countries in the world.


 Product Groups:

 . Plisse Insect Screen Systems

. Plisse Insect Component Parts

. Insect Screen Component Parts

. Insect Screen Aluminium Profiles

. Plisse Mesh Produce

. Roller Insect Screen Systems

. Roller Insect Screen Components Parts

. Plisse Blind/Curtain Systems

. Plisse Blind/Curtain Component Parts