About Us

The first manufacturer of pleated fly net mesh in Turkey, S.D.S manufacture pleated fly net screen specially manufactured for you in desired dimensions and sensitivity, with latest technology machinery park with S.D.S. guarantee.As a first in the world; we use vectran strings, 100%Polyester and PP/PE fly nets are used in our fly net systems and we made the production in our facility. The caterpillar fly net system used provides easy and comfy use.

We are working to deliver the product to our customers with the safest service conditions by combining fly screen systems, which have become an important need in recent years, with the best material quality, perfect scaling and flawless workmanship. To prepare the products required by our job in a healthy and comfortable way to make your life easier and to design and manufacture them in a way that makes your life easier.
Our Company Chronology
Our company has been serving the building sector as manufacturing and sales since 1997. We started our sector with the production of aluminum door & window accessories, expanded our product range with fly screen systems and continue on our way. Our aim is to produce system and design solutions for our customers within our product groups with the experience of 24 years. We work with a group of leading designers and system engineers in our sector in design and product development for flyscreen systems and we continue our work with our engineering-based R&D group within our company.
We are working to produce even better products that are used in many countries of the world and in climatic conditions.